Weird Sports Bets

You’ve probably seen some odd things in your life, but when betting comes into the equation you’ll see people do some crazy things in search of a quick payday. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the weirdest and craziest bets ever documented in this zany world of ours.

Bets on casino games

We’ll start with Brian Zembic, a gambler who generally sticks to backgammon and blackjack. This guy has two awesome stories to tell so we’ll start with the lesser of two evils which pales in comparison to the second. Zembic was paid $15,000 to live in a bathroom for an entire month, a feat he accomplished with ease. As odd as that sounds, this is where his story gets weird. On a $100,000 bet from a friend, Zembic had breast implants installed that he had to keep for an entire year. As if that is not strange enough, Zembic has elected, on his own free will, to keep the breasts for no apparent reason. If anyone wants to actually see these things, there are clips floating around on the internet of Zembic’s appearance on “The Man Show”. Unfortunately, I saw the clip and now I wish I hadn’t.

weird sports betting

Betting on things like breast implants and bathroom living is one thing but betting against your own death is another altogether. Poker legend Doyle Brunson got wind of an article written by Mack Rawden that was titled “100 Most Likely To Die In 2009” where Brunson was listed at #16 with a 10% chance of expiring before the year was up. Always the gambler, Brunson got ahold of Rawden and arranged a bet where Rawden put up $1000 at 10-1 odds that said if Brunson passed then the author of the article would receive $10,000. The only good part about his morbid bet is that the two decided that all winnings would go to charity no matter who came out on top.

One of the funnier bets ever made was between retired pitcher and Twins announcer Bert Blyleven and then-Twins’ Cy Young winning pitcher Johan Santana. For no reason in particular, Blyleven bet Santana that he couldn’t throw a shutout in that day’s game against the Mets with the announcer having to shave his head in the result that the game’s most dominant pitcher managed to achieve the shutout. Johan apparently wanted to win the bet because he threw a 4-hit shutout with a final score of 9-0 and Blyleven had to shave off the hair.

Stupidest bet ever made

A fellow by the name of Matthew Dumbrell may have the award for the all-time stupidest bet ever made. He was given solid underdog odds of 1,000,000-to-1 that the world would end before the year 2000. Now I have no problem with taking a shot on such a huge underdog, but how the heck did Dumbrell expect to get paid if the world ended?

Things went just as bad for Matthew Webb, the first man ever to swim across the English Channel way back in 1875. Webb apparently had a big head after his achievement and decided to bet his own life against a $10,000 payday that he would be able to swim across the whirlpool at the bottom of Niagara Falls. With roughly 10,000 people in attendance for his ground breaking attempt, Webb made it half way through before he went under and unfortunately passed away, losing the bet and his life.

On a cheerier note, a London man by the name of Ashley Revell decided that he either needed to double up his money or start fresh at ground zero so he sold everything he owned and ventured off to Las Vegas. He ended up at the Plaza Hotel with $135,000 accompanying him and put everything he had earned to that point (including selling his possessions) on a roulette spin. Revell chose red and sure enough he was victorious on his bet, doubled up his money, and started the next day with double the net worth.

Wife as collateral

In a classic story of a bet backfiring, Andrei Karpov was short on cash and offered up his wife, Tatiana, as collateral in a local card game. Sergei Brodov ended up winning the hand and when he went to collect his prize, Karpov’s wife was so angry at him that she ended up leaving him for Brodov.

Wherever there are people with money and too much time on their hands, you can be sure to find more crazy bets like these in the near future. Anyone want to bet that there will be some crazy new bets to replace these in the next year? Nothing should surprise anyone after reading this list.